Fixed X-ray

SkanRAD 400
An ideal balance of performance, features, and cost

Exceptional Image Quality

State-of-the-art X-ray generator, industry leading Varex DR detector, and tailormade acquisition software, comes together to deliver exceptional image quality.

Microcontroller based x-ray generator operates at 200kHz frequency providing constant potential to the X-ray tube. With fastest rise time for kV and mA, the generator produces hard x-rays that help deliver excellent images for superior diagnostics.

Ureteral Stenting (DJ Stent)
Cervical Spine Lateral
Chest PA
Wrist AP
Knees AP
Shoulder AP
Tibia Nailing
Thoracic Lumbar Spine

RAD that fits in your budget

Features-packed SkanRAD 400 is one of the best priced RAD Rooms in the market. Customisable options allow your RAD Room to grow with your practice.

Intuitive patient positioning guidance system
A novel feature that provide a quick guidance to the rad techs
Digital touchscreen tube head console with precise inclinometer
Intuitive user interface for faster operations
Touchscreen based external handheld console
Wall mounted touch screen console takes less space and is easy to operate
Rotating table bucky for quicker detector orientation
Rotating bucky eliminated need to physically rotate the detector, reducing drop hazard and increasing efficiency

Seamless and Integrated Workflow

SkanRAD 400 enhances workflow efficiency in your busy facility to do more patient exams with limited time and resources

  • Seamless Integration with Worklist Management Software and PACS - no manual patient entry or image transfer

  • Acquisition software controls both the generator and detector - no manual x-ray control on console

  • Dual DR detector configuration with wired and wireless panels - no physical detector movement between table and chest stand

Excellent Patient Positioning

SkanRAD 400's advanced features facilitates patient positioning. Appropriate patient positioning reduces the need for retakes due to suboptimal images, which can save time and resources. A clear and well-positioned image helps radiologists identify abnormalities or changes in patients' conditions more easily, leading to accurate diagnoses. Needless to say, accurate and easy positioning increase patient comfort, reduces radiation exposure, and improves workflow

Motorized movements by a push of a button
Elevating table with 4-way floating top
Touchscreen based external Vertical column rotates 180 degree console
Column rotation facilitates patient positioning on stretchers itself

Why Us!

5 years part warranty

Best warranty in the US market puts thousands of dollars back into your bottom line

Doctor discussing Skanray's best warranty terms in the industry
Quick product delivery

Product delivery is as early as next week where industry norm is 2-4 months. We understand your losses & frustration when your old system is down

Remote diagnostic capability ensures quick support and resolution within hours

Remote diagnostic capability ensures quick support & resolution within hours

Future proof your investment with free software upgrade

Future-proof your investment with free software upgrades

Best warranty terms

Remote applications training for new staff in the facility

Revolutionize Your Clinical Practice Today

Invest in a Next Generation Imaging System for Exceptional Imaging, Accurate Diagnoses & Treatment, Improved Patient Outcomes and that Values Your Peace of Mind