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Happy customers after installation of new SkanRAD 400
SkanRAD 400 Fixed X-ray System

Excellent image quality with fully integrated RAD Room

Skan-C in procedure room with happy customer
Skan-C for Surgical Imaging

Versatile applications with excellent image quality

Dr. Chopra, renowned doctor and clinical expert, along with his staff and Skanray team
Skan-C with DSA & Road Map

Vascular package comes standard


Our customers are our brand champions

"It is the easiest machine I have ever used; the image quality is amazing. I love the fact, and the patients like the fact that there is less radiation involved. Images are easy to store, capture and move around. The machine is a beautiful piece of hardware and a beautiful piece of software. I love the fact that I lease the machine because my lease price was the same as my service contract with the old machine."
Dr. Thom Lobe from Regenevéda Medical Group, IL

Dr. Thom Lobe

Regenevéda Medical Group, IL

"My experience with Skan-C has been phenomenal. It is a great machine with good image quality, easy to use, and great support. It is easy to use and stores many images; we always run out of storage, but this provides a lot of capacity. The software is very easy to use. We were used to bigger c-arm machines, which did take effort to move. With this machine, my tech always gives me good feedback that it is very easy to swing back & forth into contralateral oblique lateral views."
Dr. Nabil Hodroj from Doral Spine & Wellness Center, FL

Dr. Nabil Hodroj

Doral Spine & Wellness Center, FL

"I have been using Skan-C over a year now. The image quality is excellent is as good or better than the more well-know systems. The Skanray team is very knowledgeable, and very responsive to service requests. I am glad I chose to go with Skan-C"
Dr. Vinay Belamkar from Apollo Pain Center, IN

Dr. Vinay Belamkar

Apollo Pain Center, IN