Nothing is Opaque

At Skanray ‘Nothing is Opaque’. Skanray not only enables diagnosis of human anatomical and physiological abnormalities, but is also governed by its philosophy of ‘transparency’ in all its transactions with its customers, investors, suppliers and business associates.



Skanray is a leading international healthcare technology company specializing in High Frequency X-Ray Imaging Systems, Critical Care, Dental Care, Primary Healthcare & Telemedicine devices.

The company's vision is to aid Primary Healthcare with products of International quality and performance at an affordable level to the rural population of the world. Skanray does that by combining the latest in technology with simplicity of design, innovation and high performance for efficient patient care. Skanray's products are designed to comply with international quality & safety standards such as UL, CE, FDA, ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.


Skanray's competence is its ability to leverage various technology functions around a core of engineering design and development to manufacture products of international quality. This is achieved by integrating dedicated engineering processes, product development processes, lean manufacturing processes, and verification & validation processes. Skanray's strength lies in Product Life Cycle Management for its products from concept through design & development, manufacturing, after-sales service and support, to the end of life of products by partnering with suppliers and service providers.

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Quality You Can Trust

"Health care with products of international quality at affordable cost” is Skanray's Vision. To realize the vision, it is important to establish and implement a strong Quality culture in every process. “Quality” “Safety” and “Quality System Compliance” are buzz words across Skanray. Our focus is to produce safe, efficient and quality medical devices & solutions to all our customers across the globe.

Skanray’s products are designed and developed under stringent quality processes and facilities that have been certified by international agencies.

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