80+ Patented Technology

We are recognised in the market for our strong R&D capability, enabling us to develop high-end, cutting-edge technology for medical device products. We hold over 80 patents spanning radiology, monitoring and critical care products.

With a strong team of 150+ engineers, the commitment to our products begins from the concept stage through design and development. Strong in-house R&D capability ensures that we continuously evolve our products and address the challenges faced by the rapidly changing healthcare industry.

Batch of X-ray Tubes developed by Skan-X (CEI)

Core technological strengths

Skanray’s R&D centres are located in India and Italy, where continuous strides are made to conceptualise new technologies and improve on the existing ones.

  • Solid state power electronics with precise digital control

  • Image processing algorithms & software

  • Mechanical engineering systems focused on usability & durability

  • Thermal management designs and systems

  • Biological signal acquisitions and advanced signal processing algorithm development

  • Precision pneumatic control systems for respiratory management devices

  • Hospital network and data management

Technician working diligently to deliver high quality

Patented technology

Skanray’s patented medical device technology expertise covers


Power Electronics

High frequency, high voltage, power voltage for medical x-ray applications

Quality Process

X-ray Shielding

X-ray shielding mechanisms and image processing algorithms

Patient monitoring icon

Patient Monitoring

Measurement of ECG, non-invasive blood pressure, capnography, and cardiac output



Control algorithms for advanced ventilation modes in ICU ventilators and anesthesia machines