Veterinary Fixed X-ray

Value driven X-ray table designed specifically for Veterinarian’s needs

Small footprint for limited space veterinary practices

  • Floor space requirement is as low as 5.3’ x 3.4’ enabling the smallest of the VET clinics to have a fully functional and features’ packed X-ray system

  • Plenty of free space underneath the table provides modern and open aesthetics

  • 440 lb load capacity of the table ensures that even the heaviest of a companion animal can be easily scanned

Fully integrated software with the x-ray generator

Clinical evidence

SkanVET DR is developed on Skanray’s flagship x-ray generator series with thousands of installations worldwide.Microcontroller based x-ray generator operates at 200kHz frequency providing constant potential to the X-ray tube. With fastest rise time for kV and mA, the generator produces hard x-rays that delivers excellent image quality.

Why Us!

5 years part warranty

Best price and warranty terms in the market

Doctor discussing Skanray's best warranty terms in the industry
Quick product delivery

5 years manufacturer’s part warranty secures your investment and provide peace of mind

Remote diagnostic capability ensures quick support and resolution within hours

Nationwide dealers’ network to cater you locally

Future proof your investment with free software upgrade

Low cost enables every veterinarian to own a new, fully loaded, and latest technology X-ray table

Best warranty terms

Strong inventory to deliver units as early as one week, where the industry norm is eight weeks or more

Revolutionize Your Clinical Practice Today

Invest in a Next Generation Imaging System for Exceptional Imaging, Accurate Diagnoses & Treatment, Improved Patient Outcomes and that Values Your Peace of Mind