Skan-C plays a critical role in orthopaedic procedures

Skan-C plays a critical role in orthopaedic procedures, providing excellent imaging during interventional procedures, and allowing for precise localization and accurate treatment. The ability of Skan-C to offer dynamic visualization of visualization structures enhances patient safety, minimizes complications, and improves the overall effectiveness of orthopedic interventions.

Procedures that you can do with Skan-C

Orthopedic procedures in which Skan-C is highly effective are:

Skan-C mobile c-arm fluoroscopic system

CRIF - Closed reduction internal fixation

ORIF - Open reduction internal fixation

Hip fixation

Long bone nailing

Vertebroplasty / Kyphoplasty

Bone biopsy

Intra-articular steroid injections


Joint Aspiration

Why Skan-C

Skan-C is a great C-arm for pain management treatments for several reasons


Skan-C is a highly versatile machine that can be used for various orthopedic applications, including fracture fixation, joint arthroscopy, orthopedic trauma, joint surgeries, pediatric orthopedics, and more.

High-quality imaging

Skan-C uses advanced imaging technology, such as auto dose control, auto brightness & contrast optimization, pulsed fluoroscopy, and digital subtraction angiography, to provide highly detailed images of the affected area. This allows doctors to perform procedures with increased precision and accuracy and better patient outcomes. 30 frames per second frame rate ensures the system matches the desired level of speed of image acquisition and display

Ease of use

Skan-C is designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that allows doctors to quickly and easily adjust settings and customize imaging parameters. Visual anatomy selection allows you to study quickly and get great images from your first exposures. Laser guidance makes patent positioning quick and easy, without using unnecessary radiation.

Dose Management

Intelligent algorithms continuously monitor the image quality and adjust parameters to provide the best image quality at the lowest possible radiation. Ultra-high frequency generator (80-250 kHz), low dose mode, pulse mode, laser aimer, virtual collimator, etc., are features that lower radiation for the safety of your patients and staff.

Compact size

Skan-C is a compact and lightweight machine that can be easily maneuvered in small spaces, making it ideal for use in pain clinics or other healthcare facilities with limited space. (contact Skanray for a free CAD drawing of your room layout.)

Clinical Evidence

Skan-C is a great C-arm for pain management treatments for several reasons