Skanray Americas

Our team

Our team members are highly skilled and passionate individuals who share a common goal - to make a meaningful difference in patients' lives. We are proud to introduce you to our exceptional team of professionals who form the backbone of our operations.

David Orlando, Co-CEO Skanray Americas
David Orlando

Dave brings with him over 25 years of experience in the medical devices industry specifically focused on C-arms. He has been instrumental in setting up Skanray in the US and had forged the company in the market as a pioneer in technology & innovation in radiology space

Randy Quaal, Co-CEO Skanray Americas
Randy Quaal

Randy is an industry veteran with over 35 years of experience in the medical devices industry. As an entrepreneur and innovator, Randy has a deep understanding of the space both from technology and commercial point of view

Ritesh Khare, Director, Skanray Americas
Ritesh Khare
Director of Engineering & Operations

Ritesh has been with Skanray since 2016 and has held several leadership positions across functions including COO for the US business and Vice President for International Business. Ritesh has a deep industry experience with over 12 years in Healthcare and Life Science space

Cora McDonald, Operations Manager, Skanray Americas
Cora McDonald
Operations Manager

Cora brings in a solid 10+ years of experience working with Kaiser Permanente across verticals including clinical administration, procurement, material management, and supply chain. Cora loves her job at Skanray as she can observe her efforts get translated into delivering better patient care and improving lives

Patrick Kierst, Lead Field Service Engineer, Skanray Americas
Patrick Kierst
Lead Field Service Engineer

Patrick bring with him a background in Mechanical Engineering and leads Skanray's field service efforts in the US with a broad spectrum of responsibilities. He enjoys teaching customers how to operate our systems at peak efficiency. Seeing the look of relief & happiness on customers' faces when they realize how user friendly and intuitive the system is to use, makes his job very rewarding

Mike Malandrucco, Field Service Engineer, Skanray Americas
Mike Malandrucco
Field Service Engineer

Mike has been a field technical engineer for 15+ with expertise in the C-arm space. With the capability to completely build a c-arm ground-up, Mike's technical prowess propels Skanray to delivery exceptional field service support to our customers

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Dominic Orlando
Warehouse Manager & Tech Support

Dominic has a natural inclination towards technology and has a passion to build things. He is on the forefront to support customers on any technical query across product lines. Dominic also shares responsibility in business operations specifically in material management, warehousing and logistics

Nicholas Antenucci, Parts Manager / Account Executive
Nicholas Antenucci
Parts Manager/ Account Executive

Nick started his business journey by pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Marketing. He found his calling in the medical equipment industry and pursued his passion to take up job in ImagPros. Nick loves the family aspect of the business where he feels comfortable to easily put forward his opinion. In his views, Skanray is super easy to work with and he receives fantastic support from the team

Gabriella Orlando, Regional Sales Manager
Gabriella Orlando
Regional Sales Manager

Gabriella has been in medical device sales for over 2 years and she loves her role. Building long-term relationships with her customers is rewarding for her as she gets to watch them and their practice grow. She helps facilitate a streamlined workflow within their facility, so they can focus on what matters: improving patient care

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Quinn Dryer
Field Service Engineer

Quinn brings with him a background in Mechatronics Engineering that allows him to operate very effectively in multidisciplinary field of medical devices. Quinn is methodical and organized in his approach and ensures great customer service in the field

Frances Alzola Sadler
Business Manager

As LATAM Business Manager for Skanray Americas, Frances is responsible for managing theSkanray product offering across international Latin American markets in North and South America.  Her focus is on strengthening distributor relationships in the geographies and building a strong Skanray brand.