SkanVet DR

SkanVet DR

SkanVet DR

SKANTVET DR s a digital veterinary X-ray systems with compact footprint works from standard domestic power supply and high end easy imaging software.

Salient Features

  • All-in-One space saving, innovative design with compact footprint.
  • Works from standard domestic power supply.
  • Immediate Image Preview on integrated Monitor.
  • CsI based flat panel digital detector for high resolution imaging.
  • Fixed SID for simplified operation (100 cm).
  • Floating, lightweight Generator-Detector gantr.y
  • Easy to clean, infiltration proof single slab carbon-fiber table top.
  • Table supports animals upto 70 kg.
  • Single-action foot-switch.
  • User friendly Veterinary Imaging Software.
  • Low noise for animal comfort.

High End, easy to use Veterinary Imaging Software

Hassle-free data entry of both owner and companion animal includes complete Companion Animal Database runs on any Windows PC (with given minimum HW & SW requirements).

Presetting exposure modalities in the software is quick & easy

  • Choose companion animal from included database
  • Confirm and/or adjust weight.
  • Appropriate Exposure Technique Factors are sent
  • automatically to X-ray generator from Workstation.
  • Choose body part to be examined (e.g. fullbody, head, chest or limbs).
  • Manual override possible from Workstation or table-side.

Imaging Software takes care of everything

  • The on-board monitor provides a preview of the last image taken.
  • All images from a session are automatically transmitted to the Imaging Software
  • Database for reviewing, post-processing, analysis, diagnostics, reporting & storage.
  • Possible to save on removable media – CD/DVD and/or USB pen drive, etc.
  • DICOM functionalities optionally available.

Positioning is easy, quick & Operator/ Patient friend

  • Place companion animal on table.
  • Grip handle bar with contactless sensor on generator to release longitudinal & lateral movement brakes, turning on collimator light.
  • Center illuminated X-ray field as appropriate on area of interest.
  • Fix position by releasing handle bar.
  • No prep-time delay.
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