IntraSkan DC

IntraSkan DC

IntraSkan DC

IntraSkan DC with elegant ergonomics, stability, and power provides high quality intraoral diagnostic radiography.

Salient Features

  • HF DC intraoral diagnostic X-ray
  • 100 kHz, 60kV - 70kV digital generator
  • 0.4mm Focal spot
  • User-friendly Imaging Software
  • Choice of 15”, 24” & 33” arm length
  • Protection against tube overheating
  • Available as a mobile or wall-mounted unit
  • Stable, easy to adjust arm
  • Automatic exposure setting for optimum radiation dose

Advanced Technology

State-of-the-art DC technology ensures excellent image quality and all the details needed for diagnosis.

Excellent Image Quality

The best focal spot of 0.4 guarantees sharp high quality diagnostic images. 

Intuitive Control

Simple control panel for automatic exposure setting.

3 Different Extension Arm

Choose from 3 different extension arm lengths (15”, 24” and 33”) to make your intraoral unit perfectly fit into your Veterinarian studio.

Ergonomic Positioning

Stable, easy to adjust arm ensures accurate and reliable positioning every time.

Integration Flexibility

Available as a mobile or wall-mounted unit with three different extension arm lengths for flexible integration.

Proven Reliability

Protection against tube overheating gives the unit a long life securing your investment

IntraSkan DC


By incorporating Innovative Technologies and the latest Dual Microprocessors, IntraSkan DC has packed the power and intelligence in a number of ways to enhance the convenience of the clinician and patients. The sleek console is designed with graphical LCD to display exposure parameters modes of operations and self diagnostic message


The unique patented shielding methodology results in very low leakage radiation. This ensures that both patient and clinician are not exposed to unnecessary radiation.

High frequency DC

X-Ray of stable and fine quality is produced by the 100 kHz digital generator, offering good image quality at a minimum dose. The High frequency DC system significantly reduces harmful soft radiation, compared to the conventional AC machines.


X-Rays generated with Dual-Processor control eliminates soft radiation. Products are designed and built to comply with global safety standards

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